Statement of Purpose - Health and social Care act 2008


8th Element ltd, is bespoke Injury and healthcare clinic, located in the Medway towns of Kent.

It currently occupies a 2 story converted industrial unit, on a quiet and easily accessible part of Medway City Estate, just a short distance from the M2. The facility boasts ample free parking.

Two years ago it undertook a complete refurbishment, ensuring the facility was not only clean, clinical, inviting and safe for our clients, but also meet the needs for our practitioners and the equipment within. Targeting lighting, layout and hygiene facilities.

The facility comprises of a reception area and a bespoke 3D gait analysis lab on the ground floor, with three assessment and treatment rooms, one rehabilitation and education suite, a WC and kitchenette to the first floor.

8th Element currently has just under 2000 clients, most of whom are from a radius of approximately 30  miles, however, beginning to reach further afield with secure remote clinical advice services.

A full list of our services and modalities, privacy policy, hygiene, and terms and conditions and practitioner profiles can be found in the other pages throughout our website.

However, a summary of the Services we offer are:

Aims and Objective

8th Element is a multi-disciplinary clinic, who’s team consists of highly skilled and experienced affiliate practitioners working together, both inside and outside the organization to help maintain a clear sense of our aims and objectives, ensuring we can help transform the health, movement, pain and performance of individuals and athletes in the South East of England.

In order to achieve this the following aims and objectives have been set:

  1. To deliver high quality medical care to our clients on a consistent and efficient basis, which are underwritten by clinical skills that are current, safe and effective.
  2. To involve our patients in the education of their injury and in the decision making process regarding their treatment and recovery, helping educate patients as to realistic expectations and encouraging them to participate fully.
  3. To involve other allied health care professionals in the care of our clients, where it is in the clients best interests; i.e. referring for specialist care and advice
  4. To show our patients courtesy, honesty and respect at all times irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, personal attributes or the nature of the health problem.
  5. To encourage our clients in the contribution of confidential feedback on the care they receive and their experience through our suggestion and feedback box.
  6. To create an educational environment, where affiliates can promote learning amongst themselves.
  7. To focus on good health and wellbeing to our patients and the prevention of disease by promoting healthy living
  8. To provide our affiliates and clients an environment that is safe and friendly
  9. To have zero tolerance on all forms of abuse.

Core Mission

To transform the health, movement, pain and performance of individuals and athletes in the South East of England by improving; outcomes; patient access to services; providing quality care; motivating and developing our workforce; maximising patient knowledge and providing the best care and support for each individual.

Our core values that are shared among the partners and staff are:

  • Openness
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Accountability

8th Element has always prided itself on providing high quality medical and holistical care. We believe we are respected by our peers and we have built positive relationships with our surrounding care network of GP’s, Hospitals, Consultants, Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Fitness professionals and Nutritionists.

At 8th Element, we provide a holistic approach to healthcare. This is characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account Psychosocial factors.

The whole practice team strives at all times to treat those using our services equally and with the utmost consideration and respect. We recognise the human rights, diversity and values of everyone involved with our practice. We aim to offer the most effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support to meet the needs of each individual. Continuity of care and flexibility are key to our ability to recognise and effectively treat the changing needs of all those using our service.

We value the prevention and early detection of ill health and aim to educate and encourage everyone to make healthy living choices in relation to exercise, diet and lifestyle.

All our staff have the relevant qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience to carry out their specific roles and are registered with the relevant professional regulator and body where necessary. Opportunities are provided for all staff to engage in appropriate professional development to enable them to carry out their roles as effectively as possible.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously and valid consent is always sought for any examination, treatment, care or support which may be required. We ensure that each individual is fully informed about any proposed care, treatment and support to ensure that he or she is able to make informed decisions. We support those who use our service to access a range of additional health and social care services as required. To ensure consistency of care, information is shared with all relevant services, individuals, teams or agencies, following consent given by the patient, with an agreement that personal medical records are accurate, fit for purpose, held securely and remain confidential.

As well as making sure that all the people who use our practice, or those acting on their behalf, are involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support, we also take into account their views and experiences of our practice in order to improve services and delivery. Comments by users are encouraged and these, along with any complaints, are considered fully, responded to appropriately and resolved where possible.