Case Studies

We’ve assisted so many sporting clients over the years, with some amazing testimonies of our practitioners solving long-term issues that had evaded solutions. Due in part to the accesibility of our state-of-the-art equipment providing insights and treatements that would otherwise not have been available to our clients.

After a serious motorcycle racing accident, I was told by my surgeons and consultants that I wouldn't walk or able to work or take part in sports again. I turned to 8th Element. Their team has proved them wrong. I'm now back to nearly full pain-free range of movement and also back to work. Better still I’m performing in charity cycle and sporting events, and training in the gym on a regular basis.

Mark CoxIsle of Man TT Champion

I have a quite severe back condition that will need surgical intervention at some stage. While I have found that Osteopathy and Chiropractic clinics have had their help in alleviating my condition... I can honestly say that from session one with Michael my pain disappeared. This man is a genius with his knowledge of how the body works. The benefit and quality he has bought to my life and wellbeing are for me unmeasurable. I cannot recommend 8th Element more highly and strongly


A hip operation 2 years ago resulted in chronic upper leg pain, which prevented recovery and induced muscle loss. Consultants advised that I'd unfortunately have to live with the pain which i believed. In the years since it has stoped me playing golf and performing simple daily tasks. I decided i couldn't live with the pain anymore and arranged a consultation with 8th Element as i'd heard great things. After a thorough clinical examination John suggested and explained how Shockwave therapy combined with rehabilitation would help with my condition. Unbelievably after only 4 sessions i was completely pain free. Their knowledge and explanations during my treatment was exceptional with structure and kindness. I can now play golf and move freely thanks to their expertise knowledge. I cannot thank them enough. If you are in pain. This is the company you need to see.

Dennis Plow

After suffering 19 years of bad mobility and limited movement from a history of fractures sustained in the marines, I decided to seek potential help, as it had got to the point of severely affecting my workout and fitness competition performances. 4 months ago i popped into 8th Element (as i train next door) to see what they thought. They advised i have an AiM (anatomy in motion) assessment with Kirsty. The appointment focused heavily on foot mechanics and how my body had adjusted with imbalances and restrictions. All i can say is that Kirsty is a genius. I cannot believe what she achieved in 1.5hrs. She had me moving and squatting pain free and with almost full movement! I understood it was the start of ongoing correction, and i had a lot to adjustments and rehab to do outside of clinic, but i had focus, clarity and a new sense of hope and direction. Months have passed and the movement and corrections continue to improve. I cant thank or recommend Kirsty enough.

Steve O'Donnell