Membership Subscriptions


Fitness, Health & Wellbeing

Stay fit and healthy keeping your body tuned and supple with more than just a workout!

Book any two each month
Sports Massage (50 mins)
Movement Screen
Personal Training
Pilates (60 mins)

+5% OFF Additional Treatments
+10% OFF All Products
+3 Months SISU Academy 2


Save up to £40/mo 1



Competition & Performance

For a full-on year of competitions and training – tune your performance and reduce injury risk!

Book any two each month
Advanced Sports Massage (50 mins)
Injury Assessment
Movement Screen
Trainer Selection (25 mins)
Pilates (60 mins)

Book one Run Lab each year
FREE Level-1, or £90 OFF Level-2

+5% OFF Additional Treatments
+10% OFF All Products
+3 Months SISU Academy 2


Save up to £37/mo 1



Pain & Injury Management

Give ongoing pain the boot with long-term rehabilitation treatments & access to our private GP

Book any two each month
GP Consultation (20 mins)
Chronic Pain
Rehabilitation (45 mins)

+5% OFF Additional Treatments
+10% OFF All Products
+3 Months SISU Academy 2


Save up to £45/mo 1


Subscriptions that open up regular treatments with fantastic savings!

Gain momentum in your training or recovery

It's never been easier to up your game! Subscriptions make it easy to plan out your years programme with 2 included treatments to choose from each month.

Save on average 15% OFF the cost of treatments

Save up to 1 £480 and £450 respectively a year on our sports subscriptions (not including the value of SISU online academy) and up to £540 on our injury subscription compared to buying individual treaments

Tailor Subscriptions with 5% OFF additional treatments

In any given month you can book any number of additional treatments to compliment your subscription treatments, saving 5% on the cost of each additional treatment.

Shop confidently with 10% OFF products for all members

We have a range of great products to compliment your sporting journey from resistance bands and tape to specialist insoles - 10% off any products sold in clinic to our valued members

Why Subscription?

Our subscriptions are built to reward loyal clients with perks when committing to our clinic for 12 months whilst offering you the freedom to pick from the specific treatments you might need each month to help you move forward in your sporting journey

How does it work?

Simply pick the subscription that suits you best and click buy! Our appointment manager will collect all your details and charge your card each month. Each month you can book appointments within your plan at no additional cost, and specific additional appointments at reduced rates.

Are there more memberships?

We’ve currently tailored our membership plans around three core personal goals: Fitness, Performance, and Pain Management with built-in discounts for booking additional treatments to tailor the plans to your changing needs. If what’s included in the plan doesn’t quite meet your goals we’d love to hear your thoughts!

We’ve compiled three membership subscriptions to bring you the treatments you’ll need each month whether you’re out to improve your fitness, want to hit key performance goals, or looking to address long-term pain

Each of our subscriptions provides you two treatments a month from those included in your plan for less than booking single sessions. Plus extra savings on additional services, saving hundreds across the year

Membership Subscription FAQ

How long do I need to subscribe for?

All our plans are designed to offer discounts based on a commitment to our clinic for a full year. Our booking system will charge your card each month much like a Direct Debit. It will not be possible to cancel the subscription during the 12-month but the subscription will not auto-renew after year ends.

1 How are savings calculated?

We’ve calculated the savings for each plan by working out a typical maximum cost each month (e.g. if you were to book two of the most expensive treatments), then taking the difference between that the monthly fee for the plan.

The savings depicted don’t include the savings offered by the other membership perks, so potentially in any given month, you could actually save more than the amounts illustrated!

Do treatments rollover?

Unfortunately not, all our membership plans are built around providing you with consistent access to regular treatments throughout the year. The two treatments a month will set you up with the momentum to achieve your goals for the year, we’ve made it possible for you to add to additional treatments if you need to push harder, but we are unable to carry over unused treatments into future months.

2 What is the SISU Online Academy?

SISU are a partner of ours – a results-driven personal training and group training studio that offers a high level of service with experienced coaches and trainers alongside an exclusive membership to our fully equipped facilities.

Their new online academy launches in March 2022 and will provide you access any time, anywhere to a professional training program. We’re excited to be able to offer this exclusive access to all our members!

How do the bookings work?

Once you’ve signed up for the subscription that suits you most, you’ll be able to see from within our booking system, all the treatments that are available to you.

Each month, you will be able to book any two treatments within your plan at no extra cost. Should you need more than two treatments, or wish to book something outside of the services within your plan, you can place as many additional bookings as required whilst benefitting from your 5% membership discount.

Additional discounts are not accounted for within the subscription and will be processed manually by the person checking you in on the day. When you come to book additional treatments online, you will see the full cost of the treatment but our team will apply the discount for you before you are charged for the session on arrival for your appointment.