The Hub

A one-of-a-kind community of accredited practitioners brought together with specialist equipment and facilities drawing sporting clients from all over the South-East

Results Driven Service

Professional Team

State-of-the-art Equipment

Referalls Community

Recognised by Insurers

The Hub is a Specialised Sports Treatment Facility based in Kent

At 8th Element we specialise in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain management. Helping acute, chronic, pre or post surgery or even performance related pain.

Our unique Injury and performance hub is filled with experts who ensure clinical excellence throughout your patient journey with us. With a full diagnostic, biomechanical, holistical, and performance based service structure.

We feel prevention is better than cure and movement is life, which is why understanding our clients lifestyle, situation and training demands are key in the implementation of our bespoke interactive rehabilitation and recovery plans.

The Hub Offers
  • Results that others can’t get
  • Access to 6 Specialist Practitioners
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Luxury Facilities
  • Access to further fitness partners
  • Trusted by Insurance Companies
  • Trusted by athletes throughout the South East

In the Hub

The Hub is a stunning combination of independant specialist practitioners that deliver exceptional services and results surrounded by the state-of-the-art equipment and purpose built facilities

Our Practictioners

Each of our independent practitioners brings a wide range of accredited skills and experience to the team giving you the broadest level of service for miles around

Meet Our Team

Our Clinic & Facilities

From markerless run analysis to cutting-edge treatment equipment our facilities deliver state of the art resources in a modern environment

Look Inside Our Clinic

3 Reasons To Choose The Hub


Unparalleled Results

The unique blend of our highly-experiened practitioners combined with their access to and experience with equipment that is not commonly available has led to our team improving injuries and performance for clients where others have failed

Client Testimonials


Part of a Wider Community

Our community extends beyond the walls of our hub and into many of the clubs and sports organisations in the region. Both recieving and giving referals, connecting like-minded people in their pursuit of health & performance

Partner Organisations


Trusted By Health Insurers

A number of our services are validated and approved by a range of leading health care insurance providers. We receive patient referrals from other medical professions and provide certain treatments under the cover of your insurance

Approved Insurers

Facilities Hire

Our Hub facilities are available to the wider community through the hire of either our treatment rooms by practitioners or through the use of our fully equipped conference room

Treatment Room Hire

Why not join our thriving community, collaborate with other professionals and benefit from our facilities and referrals the team giving you the broadest level of service for miles around

Treatment Room

Conference Room Hire

Our stylish, contemporary and state of the art space is perfect for those wanting to run smaller meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars and has been specially designed with your needs in mind

Conference Room

Our History

8thElement has specialised in sports injury and performance treatments since 2011 working in the Medway Towns with athletes for over 10 years. The Hub is an exciting fulfillment of a 10-year dream to open our first Injury Hub to bring some of the talented practitioners we’ve worked alongside over the years into one stunning clinic to offer a level of service unparalleled by other clinics.

Our amazing new luxury venue combines all the services previously enjoyed by 8th Element clients along with many more specialisms brought to the clinic by our new affliate practitioners. Bringing together these resources into a central facility has also enabled us to invest in advanced technology and equipent, further enhancing the services on offer.