Anatomy in Motion

A powerful movement-based approach used to assess and guide your body back into alignment and create an environment for healing

Stop chasing the pain and find those missing movements with this innovative and thought-provoking treatment

Unravelling the hidden issues that cause our bodies to make adaptations by re-educating your body to move freely again without fear of pain

AiM maps out how each joint in the body from the feet all the way up to the skull move together in harmony during the gait cycle (walking) and can be applied to sporting activities and static resting posture. It helps us to understand what each joint, ligament and muscle is doing (or ‘not’ doing) throughout the whole body when we are in motion.

For our body to function at its best it is important that all of these individual structures move together optimally, with each part playing its role. If one area of the body reduces it movement (e.g. due to past injury, past surgery or to protect something) and isn’t moving as it usually would, then all of the other areas of the body can be impacted by having to overwork or alter how they would naturally move, which means our body isn’t able to function at its best. This can lead us to move/walk in a less appropriate way. This also means other areas in the body are at risk to injury or pain, which may or may not be the site of your current pain.

Our brain remembers every injury, surgery or trauma we have ever had, from birth to current day. These held memories can lead us to walk or move differently. For example an injury to your big toe years ago may have caused you to limp initially for a while, avoiding fully weight bearing through that foot. Overtime this movement becomes habitual even once recovered. Leading to ongoing and altered loading and mechanical change within the foot, joint and muscular movements higher up in the body.

Therefore it’s VITAL to remind the body of what movements are missing and to encourage it back into alignment where it has the most movement options available to it, to allow for more movement choices and reduce the likelihood of future injury or re-injury.

When to Consider AiM:
  • If you have long standing issues and chronic pain that hasn’t been resolved with other forms of treatment and therapies
  • If you suffer with movement discrepancies and would love to investigate how to re-connect with your body and move as nature intended
  • If you are looking to Improve sporting or training performance
  • If you have pain or limited range of motion (possibly from previous surgery)

What to Expect

Medical History

After greeting you with a nice drink, we’ll take a seat and have a detailed chat to discuss your medical/injury history, so we can learn your body’s story. This is very important as your story will provide clues as to why you may be struggling with certain niggles, pains or moving in a certain way.


We will then work through a thorough biomechanical and anatomical assessment using gentle, safe movements to see how your body is currently positioned and moving. Based on these findings we can then use specific movements to create a safe environment for your body to explore new movement experiences to facilitate change and healing within your body.


In some cases tools such as wedges may be used under your feet to assist your feet and body to experience a certain movement. After all our feet are our connection to the earth, so it is vital to have happy feet that are able to move in order for all of the joints above to then be able to move as nature intended too without compensation.

The Results

Without the detailed AiM sessions and being squeezed in at the drop of a hat I would never have been able to return to professional football as a match official. Kirstys knowledge in anatomy for movement is incredible. Identifying movement issues that prevented me from functioning correctly - especially from my feet. The full comprehensive AiM assessment makes the whole process feel solution-based. The exercises are easy to remember and carry out and they are always at the end of the phone/ email if you forget.
The sessions are professional yet friendly and I always have had improved mobility after each session. Fortunately, my injury has never returned due to the fact the exercises given to me are fit for purpose and allowed me to return to full strength. I could not recommend the staff at 8th element enough for all your injury/ maintenance needs.

Lou SaundersProfessional Football Match Official

I went to 8th Element soon after a knee locking injury and had my AiM appointments with Kirsty were like nothing I've ever experienced in a very positive way. She examined my knee and leg and went through a series of detailed movement assessments. With a few subtle changes, we were able to restore pain-free movement and the following plan and exercises have allowed me to strengthen the muscles around the injury in order to prevent future issues. The exercises were demoed and explained in detail within the session and I could record them too which was really useful. The whole team are so friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, especially AiM for movement issues.

Michael Newbould

I could see progress after my first AiM visit and am over the moon with the few follow-ups we have had as Kirsty re-assesses my progress and changes the exercises as necessary, ensuring I am progressively improving my situation.

She is very patient and thorough, and clearly passionate about the work she does. I wish I had found AiM sooner but I happy that I found it when I did!

Samantha Haughton


Initial AiM Consultation


90min Session

AiMing to give you control back of your body. Allowing you to reconnect with your body and be able to walk and move effortlessly as nature intended.

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Follow Up Treatment & Re-assessment


90min Session

This treatment is designed for those whom have already had an initial AiM consultation and are looking for a in depth 90 minute follow up treatment and reassessment.

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Follow Up AiM Treatment


60min Session

This treatment is designed for those whom have already had an initial AiM consultation and are looking for a 60 minute follow up treatment.

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Behind the Service

Kirsty Stephenson

BSc (hons) Sports & Exercise, MSC Sports Therapy, STO, MSST

A senior therapist, Kirsty’s Sports Therapy and Anatomy in Motion qualification and level of experience leave her with a comprehensive assessment and treatment skill set.

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Anatomy in Motion FAQ

How long does the session last?

Each AiM appointment initially takes 90 minutes.

How long are follow up appointments?

Follow up appointments can take 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the individual and their needs. During these appointments we will chat about your progress so far and introduce new movements or progressions to movements to create a new experience/challenge for your body.

How soon would you recommend a follow up session?

Everyone is different with different layers of problems to work through, therefore the healing journey is tailored to the individual. If a follow up appointment is required it can be scheduled for 2 weeks time or usually for 2 to 4 months time. This allows you time for your body to adapt to the new movements.

What do I need to wear and bring?

You only need to bring yourself and wear clothing that you feel comfortable in that allows you to move freely (e.g. leggings, shorts, t-shirt, vest a sports bra would be beneficial for ladies in order to assess your spine)