Athlete Body Stats

Optimise your success by altering your training, nutrition & hydration based on your body stats

Measuring your body's composition, lung health and fats to ensure a scientific method of monitoring your success is achievable

Monitor your exact fat loss, muscle gain, lung function and the changes occurring due to the effectiveness of your training

For years 8th Element has helped Individuals, PT’s, and organisations alike attain scientific and relevant data on individuals to help enhance their knowledge and efficiency of their fitness journey.

How many of you monitor your exact fat loss, muscle gain, lung function and the changes occurring due to the effectiveness of your training? (and we’re not talking about scales!)

Every individual who strives for change regardless of if they are just starting on their fitness journey or a seasoned professional should seek to understand their body composition, skin fat and lung function. Allowing the expertise of 8th Element, or your own personal trainers and Organisations to assess and alter your training, nutrition and hydration (when needed) to optimise your success.
Saving you time and money!

Within our 8th Element hub, we offer our Athlete Body stat service, whereby you’ll be weighed, measured and tested, using clinical Harpenden skinfold measurements, Lung function analysis and Bioelectrical Impedance analysis*.


*Our Bio electrical impedance analysis is offered as a separate payable test, as training, hydration and fasting restrictions apply. But it is a great way to atain detailed measurements of your body fat %, body fat weight, muscle %, muscle weight, total body weight, hydration levels and calorie burning rate on rest and workout days. Please ask for further info.

Allowing athletes and fitness personnel to:
  • Assess their body composition prior to the commencement of training or before implementing a new nutrition/training program – allowing for optimal tracking of progress.
  • Track improvements in muscle gain
  • Track fat loss
  • Ensure muscle atrophy (loss of muscle tissue) isn’t present in the process of fat loss
  • Ensure Hydration levels are optimal, allowing for optimal absorption of nutrients and minerals into the vital muscles, enhancing performances and reducing unwanted fat gain and muscle cramping
  • Understand each individual’s metabolic rate, allowing for nutritional analysis and advice to be provided, that is relevant to your goals via your PT.
  • See changes in physical measurements and external skin fat, allowing you to track the location of change
  • Checking and tracking your Forced Expiratory of air within your lungs in 1 second, providing us with a total volume measurement and comparing that to the ‘standard’ amongst your age. Allowing to track elements of changes in fitness and lung function

The Results

Having set myself a goal to lose weight and get fit, I saw John initially and occasionally throughout my training, to help me understand my fat, hydration, muscle and calorie intake. Certainly recommend keeping anyone on-track towards goal. Thanks 8th Element

Lindsay Urquhart

8th Elements Body stats are the perfect tool in helping me track my competition progression.

Dave CunninghamWBBF PRO Athlete

8th Elements body stats have helped hundreds of our members track their fitness journey and progressions, helping individuals identify exactly where they have improved and what needs to have a little more focus.

Matt Grimshaw


Body Composition / Stats


30min Session

Scientifically tracking your changes in Body Fat, Using Harpenden skin fold calliper testing. Along with ascertaining your hydration, body mass, calorific intake requirements, and lean muscle (fasting required). Along side these tests, we perform an FEV1 lung capacity test and measure set points around your body to track size changes.

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John Martin

BSc(hons) Sports Therapy, MSST, STO

Over the years, John’s helped a huge range of workers and athletes from those who have been told they can’t be helped to those looking to shave off tenths of a second from their Personal Bests!

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Body Stats FAQ

What is Body Calliper Testing?

Body Calliper or Skin Fold calliper testing is an extremely accurate method of recording the thickness of fat (subcutaneous adipose tissue) throughout your body.

Skinfold measurements will be taken at 7 specific sites of the body. The tester will pinch the skin at the exact location and pulls the fold of skin away from the underlying muscle so only the skin and fat tissue are being held.

Skinfold callipers are then used to measure the skinfold thickness in millimeters. Two measurements are recorded and averaged.

The recordings are then converted using the most accurate 7 site formula published by Jackson and Pollock, resulting in a 98% accurate body fat% reading.

By combining your skin body fat percentage with the Bio-Electrical Impedance analysis results, we can determine, internal and external body fat percentages.

What is a Lung Function Test?

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (or Lung Function) measurement is a procedure in which the maximum flow rate of expired air is measured. The measurement obtained is called the peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR). PEFR is measured with a peak expiratory flow rate meter, a portable, hand-held device.

Peak flow measurement using a peak flow meter is particularly useful for individuals with asthma. During an asthma flare-up, the large airways in the lungs begin to narrow. This slows the speed of air leaving the lungs. A peak flow meter, when used properly, can reveal narrowing of the airways well in advance of an asthma attack.

Peak flow meters can help to determine:

Normal predicted PEFRs vary from person to person according to age, height and gender.

It is important to note that a patient’s personal best peak flow can be less than there predicted PEFR value this and still be completely normal.

Although predicted normal PEFR is determined by height, age and gender, it is preferable to gauge asthma control by comparing daily peak flow recordings with the patient’s personal best PEFR reading. The personal best PEFR is the highest peak flow number a patient can achieve.

Peak flow measurements can alert therapists if a client is experiencing difficulty with their breathing even before they are aware of certain of the change. By making regular measurements at times when the client is feeling well, will have identified their personal best PEFR value. Then, if their PEFR falls significantly from their personal best PEFR, they will then know that something has to be done in order to bring their breathing function back towards its target value.

As a general rule, a peak flow value of 80% or greater of your personal best PEFR value is considered within a safe range; from 50 to 80% of your personal best PEFR value is a moderate fall; and less than 50% of your personal best PEFR value is considered a severe decrease in your breathing function. Urgent action needs to be taken if a severe decline in PEFR is less than half of your personal best PEFR.

What is a Bio Electrical Impedance Test?

We use the most accurate Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine, in order to supply you with extremely accurate measurements of your body composition, (e.g. Body fat%, lean muscle%, Water content, metabolic rate, etc.)

In recent years, the examination of the human body composition has grown in its use and importance in such fields as medicine, fitness assessments, sports and nutrition.

Every athlete strives to achieve their peak fitness and performance, and their body composition will play a huge role in that. If the athlete is on a diet or is in hard training, keeping track of their lean muscle%, fat% and water content is vital. If weight gain is their goal, body composition analysis can determine if it is lean muscle or fat that they are gaining – if it is fat, then their diet and training can be amended to reduce their fat weight but increase their muscle weight. Doing so will greatly improve their chances of achieving peak performances. Keeping track of hydration levels is also very important.

Although Body composition analysis is an amazing tool for athletes, it is also a great tool for keen fitness personnel. It has a wide range of uses, from tracking improvements in bodybuilders to identifying specific differences in clients whom are on a diet and wish to see pre and post differences. This can benefit over-weight people, as it is important to ensure that lean body mass is not lost during a weight-reducing diet and exercise program. This is because it is lean mass that burns the kilocalories, as well as this; it is rich in potassium which is vital in maintaining a healthy well-nourished body.