Virtual Injury Clinic

A unique online consultation and treatment service that connects you with our practitioners no matter where in the world you are!

Virtual Injury Clinic Explained

Clinical Experts

All the benefits of our expert practitioners. Their advice and assistance, all from the safety of your own home

Private & Secure Calls

All video and audio communication between you and your practitioner is encrypted to ensure privacy

Rehabilitation App

Your rehabilitation plan will be available via email and App where our practitioners will be able to communicate with you and track your progress

VIC: Our Virtual Injury Clinic, a unique treatment service connecting us in uncertain times

With the current coronavirus pandemic causing such widespread disruption we felt it was only right to bring forward the launch of our new online consultations and treatments to offer those in pain or discomfort a way to understand, educate and self-treat during this time of isolation and distancing!

It’s a great concept: Our friendly experienced practitioners can assess, advise and customise treatment plans for you to carry out all from the safety of your own home

Naturally there are some limitations to what we can offer without seeing you face-to-face but for many clients we can achieve a great deal within the 30 minute consultation and we even have an app to help you work through you treatment plan at home, where our practitioners can keep track of your progress and ensure your plan continues to be effective.

During your first virtual video consultation your practitioner will conduct a thorough history and assessment which may require you to perform certain movements, mobility and posture exercises (so make sure there’s plenty of space around you). As well as this, they’ll discuss with you, your current pain and daily management of that pain. Providing you with self help treatment and management advice.

After the call we will create a bespoke rehabilitation plan for you to help improve the issues and pain that we have assessed you for and that you are experiencing. This plan will be available to follow via our rehabilitation app and a printable PDF email. The app will also provide a great way to stay in touch with your practitioner, ensuring that any issues with certain exercises can be logged and remote adjustments can be made to ensure you are comfortable with the self-treament and your rehabilitation is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Follow up appointments can also be arranged to chat over injury progression and to view and chat over your current rehabilitation, daily management and pain. Any progressional rehabilitation and exercise plans can then created and sent through to you, ensuring the most optimal recovery times are achieved.

How does it work?
  • Find a suitable time and book your virtual appointment
  • Recieve an email link to join your video chat
  • Discuss and demonstrate your issue with a trained practitioner
  • Recieve a personal treatment plan
  • Carry out the plan at home via our rehabilitation app
  • Ask questions of your practitioner during rehab via the app
  • Book followup virtual appointments if nessesary
What if I can’t be treated remotely?
Should we at any stage in the process be concerned with your pain or injury you may be eligible for an emergency face-to-face appointment

Our Process


Assessing cause of your symptoms and pain. Once connected to your VIC practitioner, they’ll discuss your injury and obtain a thorough history of its cause, pain and impact on your life. You may be asked to perform various postural positions, movements and tests, appropriate to your condition. Enabling your practitioner can make a clinical decision of your injury.


Your practitioner will explain their findings to you, ensuring you fully understand the injury. Discussing initial self help guidance for pain management, whilst also looking at the various treatment options suitable for your injury. We’ll aim to educate you at every step with the ‘do’s and do nots’, allowing you to begin taking control of your injury.


A structured injury and rehabilitation plan will be discussed and created, ensuring that your situation, lifestyle and sporting demands are taken into account, along with understanding what equipment and facilities are available to you when creating your bespoke and interactive rehabilitation plan. Within 24 hours your Rehabilitation plan will be sent.


You can access your rehabilitation via email or via our interactive rehab application ‘Physiapp’. Within the app you can remotely log your pain and progression for each exercise. Alerting us of any issues. This allows our team to remotely answer or adjust your plan. Ensuring a faster more efficient recovery.

The Results

Experienced my first virtual consultation appointment with John today. Absolutely amazing. I have been very concerned about my ACL injury since the pandemic and John gave me great support and knowledge. I am now working my way through my exercises through the app, where I can comment on each exercise and track my progress! Although we couldn’t have a face to face appointment, the service 8th Element are offering to those of us that need physio in this hard time, is amazing! Thank you for adapting so quickly to aid my recovery. I can’t wait to get my knee better and ready for my next ski season!

Tia Davies

What struck me most was the brilliant communicative style and result orientated therapy. The clinical techniques used have allowed steady progress in both alleviating the pain and increasing my mobility but the improvement in my vision is by far the best result for me. The problems do not interfere with my normal lifestyle anymore and should problems reoccur I know I can always fall back on Michael’s expert treatment.


Wow, I’ve been suffering from pain in my knees for over 10 years, and within 50 minutes, I’m now fully aware of what I need to do and what treatment and rehab options are available. I’m excited to start treatment within this amazing clinical setting.

Rachel Burnett

After having extensive forms of treatments over the years from varied specialists, I can say without hesitation that John’s extensive knowledge, assessments and treatment plans are by far the most comprehensive and beneficial that I’ve ever experienced.

Alan Blake

After suffering a back strain I booked an appointment, and the session was thorough, professional and full of useful information to help me understand the problem, the actions I needed to take to heal and advice on what I should do to strengthen whilst adjusting my technique to avoid reinjury. A very helpful session. I now have a plan to get me training again.

John Crompton

I've just had a virtual injury clinic with Michael and I wanted to say how helpful and informative his sessions are. Fantastic knowledge and really listened to what I felt the problem was. I was amazed at how he coached me through an assessment and provided treatment and rehabilitation advice. I would highly recommend 8th element to anyone experiencing pain or injury.

Lizzie Beardon

At first I was dubious about what could be achieved via a video appointment, but wow. Kirsty was amazing! She spent time analysing my history and knee problem, sharing her screen with me, showing me anatomy, and a visual on my meniscal injury. On top of that she has given me a great progressive programme to follow during lockdown until I can eventually get out to see her. Over the last few years I have seen John, Liam and Kirsty and all have been fantastic. Great team who clearly care about their clients .

Kev ElliottHighly recommend the virtual clinic

Initially I was sceptical as to how effective a 'virtual' appointment could help, but after my first consultation I'm sold, and will definitely use this service whenever I need it, especially if I'm working away. The session was informative, structured and very beneficial. I had a clear picture of what was wrong and how I can help my pain. During the session I was coached through exercises and when and how to progress them. I'm already looking forward for my follow up session.

Lee Osborne

A very impressive virtual consultation that was absolutely what I needed. Simple to book and join and the detail behind the session made it feel like a face to face appointment. I've recently torn my ACL and needed to gather some advice about my options and get a structured rehabilitation plan. The professional opinion and knowledge i received was exactly what I needed. I'd previously been in to clinic to see Mike and John was able to pick up exactly where we had left off as if he was in my last consultation! It's been two weeks in and I'm already feeling the improvements. This is a top-class clinical team and service!

Gregg King

What a godsend. I thought I was going to spend the whole of lockdown running with hoot pain, but the Virtual Injury Clinic appointment with John has taught me SO much, and implementing his rehab and running tolerance loads has allowed me to get back to pain free running!

Adrian Hill


Podiatry VIC Appointment


up to 20min Session

This Virtual consultation with our Sports Medicine Podiatrist, Liam, will be targeted to at discussing your foot or ankle pain whilst looking at ‘self-help’ and ‘in-clinic’ solutions

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Osteopathy VIC Appointment


up to 30min Session

This Virtual appointment with Alex will focus on skeletal and nerve pain. Assessing pain and restrictions, while providing advice and remote rehabilitation

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Sports Injury VIC Appointment


up to 30min Session

Virtually assessing Injury, movement and rehabilitation needs for any muscle, ligament or tendon related injury regardless of its acute or chronic nature. Ensuring a bespoke rehabilitation plan

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Behind the Service

John Martin

BSc(hons) Sports Therapy, MSST, STO

A senior therapist, Johns degree and advanced biomechanics training, combined with his vast experience, allow for a comprehensive assessment and treatment skill set. Ensuring only the best and most specific modalities are chosen for your needs.

Michael Carlton

BTEC (level 6) - Advanced Clinical and Sports massage and orthopaedic practitioner

A senior therapist, Mikes degree and advanced clinical massage and orthopaedic qualifications, combined with his vast experience, allow for a comprehensive assessment and treatment skill set. Ensuring only the best and most specific modalities are chosen for your needs. (excluding mobilisations/adjustments, cupping, Ultrasound and Electrotherapy)

Alex Stevens

M Ost (DO)

Alex is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Alex particularly enjoys treating neck and back pain as well as sports injuries and headaches.

Joanna Shopland

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Jo is a Physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal issues and joint pain with a focus on strength and conditioning. Jo is HCPC Registered with a wide range of experience of acute illnesses, different neurological conditions, orthopedic injuries,  biomechanics and the skeletal system.