COVID-19 Impact Statement (Updated 4-NOV)

We Are Open During Lockdown 3.0! Our clinic is open for Sports Injuries, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Chronic pain, Physiotherapy, Gait retraining and movement needs with Strict Measures in place for everyones safety

During the weeks since lockdown 1.0 started and now entering lockdown 3.0, we have strived to achieve continued care, diagnosis, advice, treatment and rehabilitation to those in need, through our Virtual Injury Clinic and Face-to-Face services.

Throughout which we have been busy behind the scenes, improving our services, overhauling our booking system, creating and implementing effective Infection prevention policies to ensure a safe environment for you and our team, along with creating a world of informative videos and post on our social channels for you all to benefit from.

If you have any questions regarding our Covid-19 policies or if you’d like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

COVID-19 Control Measures

We have been busy behind the scenes improving our services and working towards implementing safe and effective policies, to ensure a safe environment for you and our team for when we could re-open our face-to-face appointments. Please familiarise yourself with the control measures in place to keep everyone safe, which range from queing on arrival and maintaining social distancing, to bringing your own towels and face mask if you’d prefer.

Virtual Appointments

Whilst we’re excited to see clients face-to-face again, our virtual injury clinic will remain open for all our customers who are not able to meet the control measures or who’d rather still consult with our practioners online. Via our video consultations we are able to assess your injury or pain and deliver rehabilitation plans for you to action from within the safety of your own home.