We are currently only accepting Virtual Injury Appointment and Emergency Appointments to allow us to continue to practice safely during the coronavirus pandemic

If you have a new injury or are looking for a follow up appointment or progression of your rehabilitation, one of our practitioners will be happy to meet you via our  Online Virtual Injury Clinic.

To qualify for an emergency face-to-face appointment you must first have an online VIC appointment where your practitioner will assess and determine the your circumstances and necessity for an emergency appointment.

An example but not an exhaustive list, may be that you are experiencing pain that is either:

  1. Preventing you from essential work,
  2. Preventing you from sleeping (e.g. you haven’t slept for over 72 hrs and it’s affecting your mental health),
  3. Suffering from a relapse of an existing injury (e.g. prolapsed disk and you cant get to see your doctor),
  4. Or, Is causing extreme discomfort and depression

You must also:

  1. NOT Have had a high temperature or fever in the last 14 days,
  2. NOT Have or have had a persistent dry cough in the last 14 days
  3. NOT Have recently traveled to any of the affected countries
  4. NOT Be in isolation, or have any family members in isolation
  5. NOT Have been exposed to anyone in isolation
  6. NOT Have any pre existing, underlying medical conditions, such but, not limited to COPD, diabetes and asthma.

Please be aware that the decision to meet you will be down to the discretion of the assessing practitioner!

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If you like what you see, have some questions about our treatments or want to enquire about joining our team of practitioners or partners please just drop us an email via this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!