Movement is life and life is movement. Understanding your condition is an important step towards resolving it

The very best way to see if we can help you is to contact our team. Your Injury or condition is unique to you and your daily and sporting demands, which is why you will receive a unique, bespoke solution, whilst being provided a detailed but understandable explanation as to the nature of your condition, allowing you to start taking control of your condition without relying so heavily on professional help.

We work closely with the other specialists within our facility and are able to include their diagnostic or treatment modalities within your appointments (additional diagnostic or treatment fees may apply) to help with short term benefit whilst focusing on long term rehabilitation.

How can we help?

To get started either please give us a call, book online or fill in the form to email us with your enquiry and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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    Our Process


    The aim of the assessment is to find out the cause of your symptoms. Your practitioner will be begin by undertaking a thorough medical history and clinical examination combined with functional movement tests to diagnose your issues and what might be cause.


    Your practitioner will explain the diagnosis to you, ensuring you fully understand the medical assment. We’ll then discuss the range of treatment options that are available to you and the ‘do’s and do nots’ in reference to your training, sport or lifestyle.


    Your custom treatment plan may include a combination of treatments from different disciplines to ensure the most efficient recovery time. It will estimate your recovery time, potential number of treatments and advice on how to minimise reinjury.


    Your hands on therapy will vary in modalities depending on your practioner. They’ll also illustrate specific rehabilitation exercises, training advice and education for your lifestyle or sporting needs. Keeping you informed with everything you need for your recovery and training.