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April 2021

Main Events Feature at the National Running Show – Farnborough 11-12 September

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We are proud to be Sponsoring The National Running Show South – Exhibiting as a main events feature and bringing a taste of our unique clinic to Stand K46

We’re excited to be bringing our clinic to Farnborough! Throughout the weekend from stand K46 we’ll be showcasing our award-winning 3D run lab, as well as introducing our brand new TRAINER SELECTOR and orthotic fitment analysis! – Say goodbye to the guesswork and wasted money when buying your running trainers, whether they’re for race, road or x-trail.

In addition to the great tech, our experts will be also be offering Injury Diagnosis on the day – backed up by a world of Injury, Rehab and treatment info and reports.

On the Day Services (Pre-Booking Required)

GAIT Lab & Performance Screening

Highlighting and correcting performance markers and Injury precursors with marker-less tech

Combining our passion for movement and running, our quantifiable on-site tests will provide us with your unique running and movement markers. Specifying the knowledge and data you require to:

  • Understand, resolve and prevent Injuries – gait and force analysis, specific biomechanical and structural restriction and imbalance markers as well as our running Injury knowledge.   
  • Improve performances – via force and gait analysis, technique / gait retraining cues and bespoke strength and conditioning for your movement needs.  

Trainer Selector – Find the perfect running shoe

Take the guess work away from buying trainers, through our revolutionary pressure plate analysis

Its time to stop guessing – combining science, gait analysis and trainer selection, with over 4000 sensors measuring your gait 100 times per second, we can map exactly what your feet need. 

Cross referencing a global data base of trainers to provide you with the best out the box trainer, suited to your feet, the way you run and your discipline – race, road or x-trail.

Better still, if you need insoles, our pressure plate analysis will determine the exact pair to match with your trainer, ensuring optimal biomechanics and comfort. 

Drop in Injury Diagnosis with a specialist

There’s nothing worse than being miss diagnosed, not knowing or having poor rehab or running return guidance!

Our on the day Diagnosis will focus on understanding your history of pain and the mechanism of injury and how the biomechanical impact your sport/lifestyle places on your body. This will be followed by a shortened clinical assessment. After a diagnosis has been made, we will ensure you receive a full personalised PDF document about your injury, self help advice, effective treatment and rehabilitation. You’ll also receive a Running show discount if you come into clinic for a face to face treatment after the running show.


30 Minute Session
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15 Minute Session
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20 Minute Session
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We will have a limited number of appointments available across both days of the event. If you are interested in a session, please book online to secure your appointment.

As a BONUS, everyone who uses any of our services on the day will receive a gift voucher for a face-2-face in-clinic service of their choice.

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Welcome Yaw: Our NEW Sports Podiatrist

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Yaw is a skilled Sports Podiatrist with a passion for movement and understanding pain patterns! We’re excited to have Yaw join our team of practitioners, as he continues the services established by Liam who we’re sad to say farewell to.

Having worked with the public and private sectors, Yaw has developed a keen interest and skill set for successfully diagnosing and rehabilitating musculoskeletal (MSK) sports podiatry injuries. Ensuring treatment and tailored rehabilitation plans get you moving optimally in the fastest possible time.

Being a semi-professional athlete, with a keen interest in all sports, Yaw understands the importance in pain-free movement as a means of maintaining ones physical, social and emotional wellbeing, and he can’t wait to help you all maintain and improve your pain, movement and overall health.

Introductory Offer

Come and meet Yaw and grab a £10 discount on your first appointment with him through April. Simply quote Welcome10 in your notes when booking online

Find out more about Yaw